While we recommend revisiting your estate plan every three to five years, there are big events in a person’s life that make reviewing and revising your estate plan immediately vital. Many of these are happy, like the arrival of a child, but there are challenging, testing times as well. Divorce is one of these. In addition to having legal representation for the divorce, it is important to consult an attorney that specializes in estate planning as well.

In a recent interview with Fontana Herald News on the topic of divorce and estate planning, attorney Samuel B. Ledwitz explains, “you should review your retirement plans to see who the beneficiary is. You should review who your life insurance beneficiaries are. You should review other beneficiaries, like do you own joint tenancy with this person?” He goes on to say that one of the central elements of post-divorce estate planning is meeting with an attorney to start the process of creating a new living trust, as any existing trust created with your former spouse will need to be revoked.

Whatever changes are happening in your life, I’d be glad to help to navigate them as your plan your future.

Happy Planning!


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