In 2021, over four billion people used some form of social media worldwide. By 2027, it’s projected that number will be over six billion people. And surprisingly, most people wouldn’t think to name a “digital successor” for their accounts, but often it’s because they don’t even know that it’s an option.

For example, Facebook offers the option to name a “legacy contact” on your account that will give someone specialized access to their page after death. Alternatively, you may also request your account be completely deleted. Instagram, since it is owned by Facebook, offers similar memorialization options as well.

Additionally, Google offers the option for a “digital successor” in the form of their Inactive Accounts Manager. You can name trusted contacts to receive a message from Google once your account has been inactive for a period of time. 

If any of this seems overwhelming, an easy step to take would also to make a list of your social media and digital accounts, along with their passwords. Ultimately, it may be important to name an executor/successor trustee as your trusted contact on all your digital media accounts when you create your estate plan.

Happy Planning!


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